Asking for Mailing Address Can Feel Awkward at Times

Staying in touch with people isn’t one of my strengths.

I have a good memory and fondly remember lots of people from school, groups, and jobs. But I truly suck when it comes to picking up the phone.

This means many of the cards I want to send are to people whose contact information is ancient and I have to update their information. Obviously the card isn’t going to get to someone if it’s going to an address they haven’t lived at since 1996!

Even though sending a card is a nice thing to do, I still find myself feeling nervous about getting in touch. Especially when it may have been a long time since I had any contact with this person.

I feel awkward because for one thing the other person hasn’t tried to get in touch with me as far as I know. Meaning I’m probably not that important to them. So it can feel a little like I’m stalking someone. It feels a little like I’m being creepy.

So I always try to contact the person as directly as possible. If I have their email address, I’ll email them. Or I’ll give them a call. Or message them on Facebook.

I’m happy to say I’ve never had anyone say, “Yuck, no, you can’t send me a card!” Every person I’ve asked has always been gracious and pleased to be getting a card in the mail.

When something is difficult for me there are times when I’ll decide not to take action. Sometimes the outcome I’m going for just isn’t important enough. This Appreciation Project, however, is a high priority in which the outcome is more than worth momentary discomfort, embarrassment, etc.

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