60+ Cards (and it’s still scary to send them sometimes)

As of today I’ve created and mailed 67 cards to express my appreciation to quite a variety of people. In fact, I’ve sent two so far to cats: one living and one not.

Some cards are easier to write than others. It’s harder when it’s someone I don’t know well and/or haven’t been in touch with for awhile. I still feel like I’m putting my heart “out there” in a way that is raw and unprocessed.

I keep doing this because I consider it a spiritual practice of sorts. Doing this requires me to be vulnerable in a way that I can avoid in 99% of my life. And there is something about allowing my heart to speak directly that is very important to me.

I was just thinking today (after listening to the news which was more distressing than usual) that if people were able to speak directly from their hearts with more ease, we would get along a lot better. Although minds may disagree all the time, what is in our hearts is pretty simple and commonly shared.

And I find comfort and reassurance when I access what is in my heart because I know without question that it is true.

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