About Us

About I Appreciate You

I Appreciate You is an organization that encourages people to express their appreciation by sending hand written cards.

We walk our talk and send 2-3 cards a week to people we appreciate.

About Judy Murdoch

Judy is the founder and owner of I Appreciate You.

Her background is in audience and consumer research. Judy has also worked as a small business marketing coach and and as a consultant in technical communications.

Regardless of her career focus, Ms. Murdoch has always cared deeply about doing work that makes a positive contribution. And she has always sought work that would help her become a better person as a result. I Appreciate You is an expression of this desire to be a more compassionate, caring person whose actions make a contribution. She believes that the world can become a more humane and loving place each time a card is sent.

Judy lives in Denver, Colorado with her husband, Michael and two cats: Lily and Geo.