Why Appreciation? Why not send a thank you card? What about gratitude?

We’ve given this question a lot of thought.

There’s been a lot said about gratitude. That when we feel grateful we shift our perception from that with which we are unhappy to that which is good. We feel better when we focus on all the good things in our lives.

Gratitude can also have a subtle energy of “not deserving” what you have. “Not deserving” can have a dampening effect on our self-esteem and emotions.

Appreciate is entirely positive and uplifting. When we appreciate we are seeing something valuable and unique in someone else. It is the act of recognizing and acknowledging what we love about another.

We encourage people to use the phrase I appreciate you because that person to person connection is very personal. It can also feel a little vulnerable but it is in vulnerability that makes heart-felt appreciation so powerful.

If it’s between being silent and sending a thank you note, by all means, send a thank you note.

If it’s between feeling resentful and feel gratitude, choose gratitude. You will certainly feel better.

But we believe that if it’s between a thank you note and an I appreciate you card, the card is our preferred choice of expression.

What do the cards look like?

We’ll be adding some card images soon.

How do you send a card?

I Appreciate You cards are blank inside so that you can express appreciation in a way that suits you and the recipient.

The easiest thing to do is to spend a few minutes contemplating the things about someone that you sincerely appreciate. Then list those reasons using simple language.

How many cards have you sent?

The number increases daily. We aim to send 2-3 cards each week.

Who do you send cards to?

Some of the people we’ve sent cards to include:

Spouses and partners
Aunts and Uncles
Teachers, coaches, and trainers
People you work with
People you admire even if they don’t know you
People you love/admire who are no longer living
Beloved pets
Things in nature such as trees, creeks, and other natural entities.

I feel nervous about sending a card, how can I feel more confident?

Find a quiet place to write your card
Take some time to clear your mind. Sometimes taking 3-4 deep breaths helps. You don’t need a lot of time, 5-10 minutes is usually enough.
Think about the person. Try to picture them in your mind.
Not overthinking, jot down as many ideas as you can think of for why you appreciate this person.
Now on the card, list those ideas. Keep your language simple. Try to write down what is in your heart.

Do you sell I Appreciate You Cards?

Not yet. We plan to sell cards individually and in sets.

Do you offer help for people who could use a little support when it comes to writing these cards?

We are thinking about offering workshops in 2018.

What’s in the future for I Appreciate You?

We want to expand this website to include a forum for people to share stories and support one another.

A project to encourage business people to express personal, specific appreciation. We believe appreciation is a powerful way to create the kind of trust-based connections that build businesses.

We are in the process of writing a book about our experiences sharing appreciation.

How can I contact I Appreciate You?

Email: judy (at) judymurdoch.com
Mail: 2345 Cherry St, Denver CO 80207

Who is behind I Appreciate You?

Judy Murdoch is the founder and owner of I Appreciate you.

For more about Judy’s background, click here.

What do you say “we” if it’s just one person?

Because no business is the work of a single person. There are lots of people in the background advising and encouraging me all the time. In particular, my husband, Michael, has been a constant champion and supporter.

Why do you use a cat in your logo?

Because the owner, Judy Murdoch is one of those annoying people who “wuvs” her kitties. Currently there two cats living here at I Appreciate You world headquarters, Geo and Lily.

We plan to add an obligatory cat page in the future.

Are you a non-profit?

I Appreciate You is a limited partnership. We are exploring the possibility of creating a separate nonprofit in the near future.

Do you have a newsletter?

Not yet.

Questions we’ll be answering in the future:

How to you send a card to … (an animal, someone who is no longer alive, someone I admire but who doesn’t know me, …)

Do you have some examples of things you’ve written?